“We are responsible for what we have captured.
When we know better, we should do better.”



 The birds come first at…


We are a 501(c)3 rescue and shelter for companion parrots. H.E.A.R.T. is built with 3 partners: Cockatoo Ranch, Red Feather Farm and Mr. Boos Parrot Rescue. 

Who doesn’t love cockatoos? We see those fun videos on YouTube of that Umbrella rocking out, or that Sulpher saying a funny word, or the Goffins cuddling into it’s owners shoulder. BUT, have you ever wondered what happens after the camera turns off?
Cockatoos are extremely difficult animals to live with. Still wild animals, cockatoos are messy, loud, destructive, will

bite, and act on their hormones. That umbrella rocking out will get so amped up it bites it’s owner. When the owner wants that sulpher to be quiet and stop saying funny words, it will start to scream for attention instead. When that goffins keeps cuddling up to it’s owner, it will pair bond with them and then attack all the other family members.
This is how so many birds come through the door at HEART, and why we not only strive to give them a second chance, but to continue to educate the public on the dedication and commitment it takes to living with these incredible, yet misunderstood, animals.

While cockatoos are our most often surrendered bird, there any many types of birds that come through the doors of HEART, and we strive to do the best for every individual parrot. 


Every bird matters

Things We Value


Birds at Cockatoo Ranch are fed a mixture of food ranging from pellets, whole nuts, fresh food, chop, freeze dried foods, sprouts and peas.


There is no such thing as a cage that is too big (as long as the bar spacing is correct). Parrots should be in a cage that is at least double their wingspan.


In the wild cockatoos live with large numbers of their own kind. Intelligent and social, they do best when with friends.

Quality medical care

Parrots require specialized avian vet care. At Cockatoo Ranch we lean on the expertise of some of the countries leading avian veterinarians.


Interested in providing a home for one of these amazing birds? Birds have unique and individual personalities, just like humans. While you may be interested in a specific bird, it may not be the best fit for your lifestyle. We do the best to match you with a bird that will do the best for you, your family and home. Learn about our process and requirements by clicking below.


We never stop striving to learn at Cockatoo Ranch, for the benefit of our birds and ourselves. “We are responsible for what we have captured, and when we know better, we should do better.” -Shellie

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